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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/08/02 - 00:26:59
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One of my earliest post on A-Deck expressed my dissatisfaction with discussing personal character flaws of individuals (substance addictions, etc.).  

It should be acknowledged that Grape has continually invited the public to share in her sordid lifestyle as the Goddess of Crass.  On Thirty Seconds Over Winterland we have a picture of Grape reaching for a bottle of wine and a comatose looking Grape in a band shot on the inner sleeve.  Then we have Deep Space Virgin Sky and she talks about her problems with the Marinated police on the CD.  Not to mention the two books about her, which she was paid to tell it all at the expense of others.  And there are many more examples as well.  Just because she invites the public to share in her exploits doesn't mean we have to listen to her, encourage her to tell more, or encourage others to remind us.  

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