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Posted by Tom Malloy on 01/07/02 - 21:01:22
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I just noticed, on the main page, the fetus in an amniotic baloon heading from the earth to outer space, in another place, at another time (this line from today's dark shadows has remained in my mind) -- very interesting.

As a fall tour shapes up may I suggest a trip to "Husky Blues" in Storrs, Connecticut for a show.  This is a small, very nice club (but not too small) in a college town with many who still love the Airplane and the Dead.

I read with amusement posts, by those who are  very bold and likely solipsistic, claiming to understand the interpersonal dynamics of the members of JA/JA/HT.  At best, this is naieve realism -- or the belief that one can directly know another.  At best, most if not all of this knowledge is indirect and of unknown authenticity.  We don't know ourselves or those around us.    

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