premature ejaculation

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Posted by Eth on 01/07/02 - 20:20:58
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you said "And, Eth, bringing in people's sexual ferragios does not automatically make a piece of research worthy only of the gutter."

I NEVER said it did! I LOVE SEX---ooops!

What I implied was that the naterial should be presented in sensitive and analytical overall context, in which the necessity of EVEN including it be elucidated.  And that is come in a historical context and lineage. Pre and Post,
with all complextities.  This is something that you seem possible capable of DELIVERING!

I could not support your life's dream MORE-----
if think I like you--or, whatever.

I don't ignore you because I think you have too much information to ignore.  Also because I have undying, and sometimes ill-founded, faith in folks.

Tossing some of your pivot points to the board
prematurely, and out of context, I think defeats your purpose.  Maybe it's time to get serious and finish this book.

As you may have noticed previously, I'm in everyone's corner.   But only to a point.

Hope the snots are well---the brats are good!!!!

Don't worry anyone, it's just stress relief.....

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