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Posted by Don Aters on 01/07/02 - 18:56:11
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It's that time,
I think everyone has a preference as to who is signing, predicated on who used to do the honors.
There can only be one Grace Slick, visual, defiant, arrogant, allof any a complete mystery to the media during her reign as "Queen" of the genre.
Diana was probably born during the time when The Haight was but a slight semblance of what it once was and prepresented, a "dper's den", with hard drugs, over population and hype eventually destroying one of the great musical bastians of aLL time. It's sometimes best to take the knowledge of prior decades and events and utilize them in a fashion that will ultimately reap the desired results of an earlier era without the maladies that destroyed it.
PK knew what he was doing when the selection process began in terms of a female vocalist. During the interim time of JA popularity, this area has nurtured only a few artists that command the clout and attention of JA/JS. His decision, either his or with input from others, has managed to comprise a cohesive unit that continues to explore the boundaries of their chosen genre.  
If the music didn't seem to serve a purpose, i doubt that Marty, or PK would continue as JS nor would they allow themselves to languish in virtual obscurity, playing in some dungeon along the streets of lower Haight.
This band seems to bring refreshing qualities, innovative tunes, and the inspiring qualities that all musicians aspire to obtain but seldom realize.  Various songs emote the influence of Grace Slick but it's now Diana's ball and her court so, any reference to what once was, is a step backward and not conducive to the spirit of what they represent.  Will there be a meteoric rise to instant fame and universal acceptance?,  probably not, based on what determines a "hit" song in today's market.  What can happen is that the 64% of the population that grew to the songs of Balin/Kantner/Slick, now have something to identify with and a purpose for perusing music stores and venues once again.
So.............it's okay to fantasize about grace, nice to have those who adore Darby and above all else, accept the fact that Diana cannot be grace Slick, nor would she want to be.  Come to think of it, I doubt Grace could be Diana..............and who cares.  All have their own traits, ability and are very visual and charismatic.  I think that's all that matters in the course of watching a JS performance.
Just a thought,

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