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Posted by Bob on 01/07/02 - 16:30:45
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I read the offerings here a few times a day. Some days are better than others. Some of the postings are more to my liking than others. I find myself wondering why some people are even posting here when it would seem that they have a certain distain for the band. But what the F! It’s not up to me to play god or to jump into their s--- every time I read an inane or pretentious posting that I find to be of dubious merit. I pass on the urge to enter the debate as no matter the opinion, after 36 years of listening to their music, enjoying the band and it’s members the negative thoughts expressed by them won’t affect mine. I won’t allow myself to play into their game by posting a rebuttal. Like a child having a temper tantrum – at times they are best ignored.
 I can only smile to myself and be reminded of the old adage:
“Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.”  
I have read as much as anyone about the band over the years. Often when one writes, one has an agenda. Many times a conclusion that the author believes is true before beginning the research. The author only includes those incidents, which support the predetermined conclusion.
I know some of the bands weaknesses and it’s strengths and guess what? It all boils down to being human. I would like to see anyone’s life analyzed under a microscope and not to be found flawed.
As far a censoring or limiting opinions expressed – never! It’s one of the things that makes this place what it is.
In some instances it’s the flaws, which gives something its beauty.

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