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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/07/02 - 15:42:54
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Lauren is the ultimate Marty Balin groupie and was a regular poster to the Rainey site and, I think, this Site in its early days. I think she still posts occasionally to 2400.

She seemed to stop posting around the time some of the more extreme Deadhead/Kantnerphile types were posting anti-Balin stuff here. (Y'know if only they'd stop doing "Miracles" and "Count On Me" - "Share A Little Joke" might just about be acceptable.) They were blaming Marty's mid-70s stuff for stopping the Deadheads taking to the Starship.

Lauren's got a pretty good Marty Site at It's quite a good resource for Balin-era Airplane, Starship and TNG - with lots and lots of photos.

A bit too much of a girlie worship thing, for my taste - but definitely worth a visit.

And just to encourage the guys to go there, she's got some terrific shots of Darby dancing onstage enthusiastically in a very short skirt!

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