Things change..but there's always dirty laundry

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Posted by J. O'Malley on 01/07/02 - 15:27:17
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You ask Why?  How?

Maybe because they're human beings just like the rest of us...prone to making the same mistakes and bad decisions at one time or another. Yes they're great musicians...but not gods.

Virtually every rock band that has made an impact in the last 35-40 years have seen both good and bad times. Some bands like The Stones and Aerosmith have trudged through the years with minimal changes in personnel and style of music and still adored by the public. Others like the Airplane/Starship, Fleetwood Mac, and Yes have changed personnel and style of music several times, probably confusing many fans and alienating the less understanding ones. "old singers gone away whatcha gonna do about gold records rock & roll n' why dontcha sound like you used to 65 69 75"  hmmm that sounds familiar.

A "hit record" in 2002 is probably the most irrelevant thing going. The last "hit record" I went out and bought was U2's latest...great album but seemingly a dying breed. The new album by Yes "Magnification" is absolutely terrific..but it certainly won't be a big seller compared to their early days...does that really mean that it's no good?

Don't you realize that the music business of today isn't about music? In that regard it's obvious that the current Jefferson Starship aren't "relevant" in today's music scene. They probably should be playing in slightly bigger venues like the Beacon here in NY. It's unfortunate that the band's tulmultuous history has overshadowed their music.  Jefferson Airplane..Jefferson Starship love 'em or hate 'em, warts and all, were and were not successful simply because they're human beings.

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