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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/07/02 - 15:20:10
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I responded to Michael:-

"If you want to ban me, do it.

"Just let me know - so I don't waste time putting another post together."

What Michael did for me - which was affirmed by Christo - was open my eyes to the potential consequences of what I had done. The other side of the coin, if you like.

I'm normally pretty good with consequences; but I didn't see it this time - and I put it down to the fact that Paul is essentially to me a 2D media cartoon - and you'd never worry about a cartoon's feelings, would you? That's one of the problems of celebrity-from-a-distance. (Around 7.5K miles!)

That doesn't invalidate what I call "investigative journalism" or focussing on unpleasant facts in the name of historical accuracy.

It does mean there are consequences. I should have thought of the potential consequences - which Michael pointed out to me off-board - and, on this occasion, I didn't.

So, if any of those potential consequences have materialised, I'm genuinely sorry. Whether Paul wants an apology or not - and, as Scott has pointed out, the early indications are he's playing it cool (but then he would, wouldn't he?)- I've offered my apology and I meant it.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't do it again or something similar. It does mean that, having greater awareness of the potential consequences, I wouldn't blast it all over this board just for a bit of idle fun!

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