An Apology to Paul?

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Posted by Keith E Rice on 01/07/02 - 12:43:17
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Given the fairly intense backlash from a few folks and an off-board e-mail from Michael, I had been giving my "Stalinist Revisionism" posting some considerable thought and had already decided to make this posting.

Cricket's extremely well-crafted response to my "Grace and Jorma" posting pushed many of my buttons and served as a powerful affirmation.

All the content of my postings regarding the various fall-outs and feudings of Airshippers - and my speculation about the impact (or not) of the Grace-Jorma liaison, I stand by - in some respects at least. It's all in the public domain, anyway - most of it put there quite overtly by Airshippers.

My point has been that you can't one day call for privacy and then the next day reveal awful things about your fellow bandmembers and expect to be taken seriously.

And, Eth, bringing in people's sexual ferragios does not automatically make a piece of research worthy only of the gutter.

After all, we now know that it was Brian Epstein's lust for John Lennon - as much as the potential of their music - that led Brian Epstein to take on The Beatles. Without Epstein, it is not impossible that The Beatles might never have made it out of leather suits and small clubs.

So wondering if the Grace-Jorma liaison - which Grace deliberately put into the public arena - effected an already-deteriorating Airplane would be argued by most serious investigative journalists as relevant to the study.

However, there is another side to this - brought home to me by Michael's private e-mail.

Paul Kantner is a human being, with feelings and opinions - about which he can be very verbose! - and he is certainly no stranger to offending people!

In the 60s and 70s, Paul seemed only to happy to live his live in the celebrity glasshouse. He clearly enjoyed his fame [Gleason]- plus, the women it brought him [Rowes]. He then got into a pretty committed relationship with Grace and was deeply hurt by the breakup [Slick via DARK STAR].

Slickantner the couple lived their relationship pretty much in the celebrity glasshouse, too.

But, as Paul moved on, while he was still rather public on music and politics, he went much, much quieter with regard to him as a person.

So did Paul change - from someone who was only too happy to have all aspects of his life in the celebrity glasshouse to someone who now did not want certain aspects on show?

At least as late as the 98 autobiography, Grace hadn't changed. Not only did we get the Jorma revelation but a detailed account of the affair with the post-Skip alchoholic boyfriend. (A bit pathetic, I thought, personally - but I have to admire Grace's refusal to settle for a mediocre, passionless relationship.)

So Grace didn't change. But maybe Paul did.

And me, not knowing the man - as some of you clearly do - to me he's just a 2D media cartoon playing in this fantasy band called Jefferson Starhsip halfway around the world - it never occurred to me when making my points, to consider his feelings. One of the dangers of celebrity is to be reduced to a 2D cartoon to those who don't know you.

So, Paul, if I dragged up painful memories or otherwise caused you unnecessary anguish, by raking over these particular old coals, then I do apologise.

I guess the conundrum of investigating the past to work out what really happened and the hurt that can cause to those who would rather certain aspects of the past weren't brought back to light won't ever be resolved.

But I had no intention to offend.

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