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Posted by scot on 01/07/02 - 12:07:18
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Sorry Liz...
That's like comparing a plum with a mango.
We're not sitting in someone's private home
and being critical. "Jefferson Starship" is
a business open to the public for making MONEY.
The website, and Michael, promote their
concert work so that we can purchase tickets,
advertise and sell their cd's through various
sources, and offer official t-shirts for order
through the site directly. If a person, such
as a "fan (customer)", chooses to spend their
money to support Jefferson Starship or
JeffersonStarshipSF.com...he/she/it has the
right to commend, love, hate, or criticize
the offering.
We are all free thinking people with our own
ideas and passions. How many of the faithful
rallied against Grace when she made her comments
about "...old people on a rock'n roll stage, I think they look pathetic"
I certainly diagreed with her...but so what.
One might assume her colleagues were offended
by her statement.
Everyone deserves the freedom to think, speak,
and live as they will. I agree with only about
60% of what Keith has to say here...but no one
should be rejected from posting here unless
they've done something mean spirited such as
threaten someone's life. I ahven't seen that
happen here yet.
Again, most of us here spend money or have
spent money in the years past to support
Jefferson Starship. The best things to say
about this band have been said years ago. I
assure you that I wouldn't be here saying
anything if it weren't for Paul Kantner. I've
always been a big fan of Paul and Grace's
music/collaborations...he's brilliant and
deserves all the credit for anything the
current Starship achieves.
And to quote a phrase by Keith that I totally
agree with..."Jefferson Starship is Paul and
Marty with a few hired musicians".

As always,
Peace & love...

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