Hmm... some snarkiness this week?

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Posted by Roman on 01/07/02 - 11:11:43
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Just reviewing this week's posts... I must say that it appears several of us seem to be retaining New Year's hangovers!  :-)   Gossip, charges of too much testosterone, fiery defense of that testosterone, threats of moving to the 2400 board, SUVs crashing into panda bears ... it certainly doesn't sound like we're in the garden ;-)  Believe it or not, the same attitude seems to be popping up everywhere -- even on the BMW owners' message boards! (I thought THAT would give many of you pause for thought!)  Seriously everyone... even though I have not been shy about my opinions in the past, take a deep breath before posting. And try to use real words instead of gutter stuff -- it makes whatever point you are trying to make sound a bit more intelligent.  Also, personal attacks tend not to "win over" the attacked person to your side.  

(Can only wonder what the Metallica message board must sound like today :-)

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