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Posted by Don Aters on 01/07/02 - 11:03:52
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I would never be offended by comments that are predicated on truth and documented.  Greed has a way of causing internal maladies and dissent towards others of any given band.
Power struggles have often risen within bands that have several great writers, each commanding a more dominant position within the publishing structure.
It is more than obvious that JA would be more of a commercial success than The Dead, utilizing "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit" to catapult the band to international stardom.
At that point in time, The Dead were doing a ton of "jam" tunes due to the three sets per night format and not having an array of choices to choose from.
With Grace in the band, you now have the culmination of a talented writer, a great singer,opinionated, flamboyant, arrogant and visually alluring.
There were others that were products of genetics (Judy Collins, Cher, Carl King, Melanie, Marianne Faithfull) but, excluding drug busts, none were as volatile nor as vocal as Grace.
As the band slipped into mediocrity and ventured into other bands or solo careers, someone had to have the vision of resurrection of such a fabled band.
Michael gaimon has managed to keep some peace between current members, and hence the success of the newest transformation of JS.
Can they sell out The Concord Pavillion?,
Can they mandate a burgeoning crowd at Henry J. Kaiser?.........probably not.  What they can do is 100 gigs a year, restore credibility to a genre is dire need of such an effort and bands and still maintain a certain lifestyle that they are acclaimated to after nearly four decades.
Ths astrife and obvious angst between PK and Jorma goes much deeper than just legality and i suspect that Jorma would see it as a threat to Hot Tuna if Jack were to try and maintain a schedule of both.
Hot Tuna is booked in smaller venues like The House Of Blues and when weather is about to change, festivals around the country.  $10,000-$15000 and only two musicians .....hmmmm, I doubt an abycus will be needed, and therein lies a major hurdle.  With JS, a manager, an agent, a publicist, (Jorma's wife retains this title for Hot Tuna), five, six or seven band members,.......seems to dictate a lot more expense and someone has to try and keep the peace among the band members.  Michael has taken that responsibility and the band has regained much of the luster that is synonymous with those of great influence and clout.
As for an apology, if Michael thinks that is  the answer, then it remains between you and Michael.  As for the rest of us, I'm sure all that you've said has been etched in stone somewhere and relived through numerous books.
I find no fault in what I've read but perhaps michael sees dissention arising from it and it's his responsibility to maintain the peace that took so may years to reestablish.

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