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Posted by Cricket on 01/07/02 - 10:59:40
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how so much has been achieved and then squandered so many times, the relationships are legitimate for investigation - especially when the band members put so much of it themselves into the public domain."

Sorry, Keith, but there was nothing in your posts that suggested to me that your aim was UNDERSTANDING.  

As for band members putting so much of it themselves into the public domain, it's their prerogative -- but we all know that people can say things in the heat of the moment (etc.) that they later may regret having said, and that it may pain others to hear.  

We choose what we repeat of what we've heard and read.  It seems to me worth thinking honestly about HOW we choose, what's our purpose, & how we might affect those we talk about and those we talk to.  As you've no doubt guessed (& easily could've seen Saturday), I'm one of the people you upset quite a lot.  

In describing yourself as someone "to be banned" I think you're grabbing a victim's mantel, quite unfairly.  I don't think you've been asked to keep quiet or to go away, but rather to try to be more thoughtful about your words and considerate of how others feel.  If you care about such things.  Considering how much you seem to love the band & to know so much about their music, I'd think that you would.


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