re-post of P's "Out of the Late Jurassic and into the Cretaceous" 1/6/02

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Posted by Cricket on 01/07/02 - 10:05:34
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           You two (C&E), are already Oviraptors--quick, intelligent, and nurturing.  No need to nominate.

           I suspect MC is also one in Stegosaurus clothing. Maybe he prefers an imposing, seemingly impenetrable exterior of armor. Rows of bony plates down the back and menacing 4 foot long spikes on his tail (4 or 8 spikes depending on what kind of Stegosaurus). The better to clobber one with his 'truth' if I may paraphrase.

           But not all is what it may appear to be.  The rows of large, ominous looking bony plates on the back may have had less to do with protection and more to do with regulating body temperature and mating displays. There is a little Dino on the way, isn't there? The tail is a different tale.

           Yet, with all that dermal armor there is a "soft, white underbelly"--a certain vulnerability that some of us may share but not admit nor necessarily succumb to it.

           To make a long story short, the fact that MC compares himself to ANY dinosaur rings true. Dinosaurs are one of the most 'successful' species in earth's long history--a fossil record of about 165 million years. MC, Marty, Diana, Prarie et al, and especially Paul, are doing their best to perpetuate the Jefferson species.
           We are grateful and we are trying to do our part as well.

           I speak for all of us--long may you reign!!


           P.S. Please come to FL soon.  I'll be the one wearing the Oviraptor suit.


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