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Posted by Ethel Mann on 01/07/02 - 04:04:44
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I have NEVER seen Lauren on this board, but I welcome her.  I have always had fun with Juicey,
and feel like he's still in here with us when he wants to be.  Some of us UTILIZE the board more than others, but I have no fear of and no sense of, abandonment.  Please let me know if you are going to get DOWN of the whole board...nuf said.

You're still gossiping.  I tell the tiny kids,
"If you repeat the naughty thing to others, it will take even more time AWAY FROM LEARNING.
In the interest of your honest book, or expose...
or are in a sequestered context,
in which clear litigation can come against you if necessary.  People can pick up YOUR KIND of book, or NOT.  BUT here, you understand, people read every word like communication in a trusting, if disparate, extended family.  AND don't diminish our numbers, because you have, considerably.

If you wish to write your book, do so, but please
don't do it here.  And if you enjoy 2400, it's always there for you. Waxing non-religious-----
where two are gathered together............
Large numbers aren't necessary.

Don't make excuses!  Write your book!

AND suffer the PAIN...that's your price to pay.

You HAVE more than enough material--but you need to EDIT, and you need to develop your PHILOSOPHY,
if you want a work of INTEGRITY.

Or maybe you're a sellout-and you don't care.
If you want to work with Michael, pardon my over stepping my bounds, I DON'T think you are going
about it in the right way.

Too bad I'm COMPELLED to write--because I really don't have the time.

Of course this is predicated upon my taking your endeavor very, very seriously.   Ethel Mann

Sincerely, Ethel Mann

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