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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/07/02 - 02:33:43
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When Paul released BATE, RCA alos issued it on clear vinyl to radio stations to promote the album.  A copy of BATE's on clear vinyl can go for as much as $100 a copy today.  Sometimes a used copy will turn up in a used record store bin and you can pick it up for $15 to $20.  The drop in price is due to the fact that most people who work in used record stores assume a record's value solely on their observation of scrathes.  A record deal who knows the actual value of a record will price it according to current market value.

PERRO was released on black vinyl and a limited edition clear vinyl pressing.  A used copy of PERRO on black vinyl will go for $3 to $5 and on black vinyl $5 to $10.  Unfortunately, a clear vinyl copy of PERRO isn't worth much at all.  

One rare item you can spot by looking at the label is Hot Tuna's Double Dose with the Jefferson Spitfire label.  Guess someone at the manufacturing plant made a mistake and a few got out.  Between collectors this goes for about $40. A record store that isn't on top of things like this will let it go for $5.

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