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Posted by Ethel Mann on 01/06/02 - 23:15:17
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The rags are now in actual flames.

I kinda thought they might be when Michael caught up with these long posts.  Well, now that it's been said, I destest the way our whole society has gone "National Enquirer", regardless of what the common traffic loves to bear.  And if that sounds elitest, I don't give a crap.

Somehow, I think Keith has a good heart.  Why he chose to expose these issues on the board, I'm not certain.  I think an apology, and a more honest explanation is required.  IF THIS IS AN
example of ambitious, astute, self-serving flame journalism----it SUCKS.  

Future propriety has been promised by Keith, but will it be honored?

I also am intolerant of this board becoming a flame rag.  This board is for poetry and such.
Sure, it's an open forum---but I think each participant has a responsibilty to nurture the INTEGRITY of the board.  Now edgy stuff can be honest and necessary at times--but presentation needs to be carefully considered.  We all like to be challenged and to grow, and it's FUN.  BUT
I truly believe that not a soul needs to be hurt in the process--ON or OFF the board.

I don't like to take sides on any issue if I can help it.  But I will take a side on this issue.

And I will take Michael's side.

I question your motives Keith.  What are they?
Since you seem to be coming OUT---what's your actual philosphy here--or don't you have one.

Best regards to all on our board.   Ethel Mann

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