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Posted by Mission Control on 01/06/02 - 22:33:16
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... National Enquirer bullshit!  It's beneath you ... it's beneath all of us & the dignity of this music.  You want to piss me off ... ?  Congrats, you've succeeded.  How would you feel if we discussed your sex life .. or that of your parents?  Not a pretty picture, eh?  You'd be hurt, eh?

If you have ever cared for this music, how can you be so insensitive as to post this trash?  There are wives & children & real people with feelings.  I swear to FUCKING GOD, that if you or anyone uses this board to elucidate or promote the elucidation of things that any decent person would consider too personal & out of bounds on this board - I will have the posts deleted & your future posts banned.

I am embarrased for you!

As regards JS Inc. - it's before my time.

Mark my words ... you have been warned.  Now I'll attempt to finish my dinner without gagging, you Philistine.

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