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Posted by Teaching Fundamentalsim on 01/06/02 - 15:38:18
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I divide my time between teaching in what you Yanks call a "high school" and being a business consultant and trainer. At the moment it's 4 days a week teaching and 1-2 in business.

That ratio will switch later this year I expect. Though the UK is desperately short of teachers, there are many out there who are much better than me. I only returned to teaching this year after 20 years in business.

There are very few people out there who can do what I do in terms of training and consultancy.

Now, as to Sears, Miss Eth, I am seriously angry with you and very tempted to call you all kinds of impolite names...but I've promised myself not to upset Steggie again. Well, not today at any rate!

You are a @*!@>+*!!<.

Simply because you saw Sears and he and his band gave a stunning show - and I wasn't there!! I hate you!!

Did he perform anything off the gorgeous "WATCHFIRE"?

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