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Posted by Eth on 01/06/02 - 15:23:53
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I have thoroughly enjoyed our 'Holiday' time on the board.  I have really learned a LOT by reading your posts, and even the imaginative
consert had a ton history in it.  I enjoyed adding a vision for the 'break', as it were.

Are you a high school instructor then?  Because a floor full of books is exactly where I am.  I fully identify with the lengthy process of
marking the work.  Because of ULTRA busy-ness
and a musical program--I got behind.  So each packet contains a written/oral book report,
2 spelling tests, 2 dictation tests, and a long math test on $.  The good-hearted Ray sometimes
checks my math papers SHHHHHH! not kosher.

YOU should have reviewed the show Cricket and Ray and I saw last night.  Home at 2:30am.
Kb was our super gracious host--as he was producing the show behind the scenes.  We did, therefore, go backstage, where we had a bit of time to meet Pete Sears, who was very gracious and we got to go downstairs and hook up with WAVY GRAVY.  I was able to remind him that he briefly knew me thirteen years ago. and it was FUN and we really had a few laughs.  And I showed him my little JS scrapbook, and he signed his own picture in it for me.  That was nice--HE suggested it himself!   ALSO I showed him the picture of how Ray and Jerry look alike and called them MY TWO HUSBANDS---and evryone around hed a good laugh.  This is as long as one YOUR posts.

SO THEN____the place was JAMMED with folk-waitresses could NOT MOVE. Bathroom IMPOSSIBLE.
Great, great crowd of music lovers.

What a diverse set list for the DAWN PATROL
Various hard-driving walkin'-type blues numbers,
Many beautiful souful renderings ie:
Ain't No Sunshine
Whiter Shade of Pale
People get Ready

I want to formally thank a post by Robert Bellin
and Cal Goom, which was a key to our going, because this was a show to die for.

My knowledge has lots of holes---so I will NEVER
wonder about PETE SEARS again.  I'll just LOVE him.  The leading male singer, a, shall I say it,
elder Scotsman, was TOTALLY in charge of the game.
Patterson?   The drummer (name?)simply had the crowd literally screaming for more--he was a force to be reckoned with---and at the end we got to hear Warren Haines????? AND THIS BODES WELL FOR THE FUTURE OF IMPORTANT GUITARISTS___well that's my news story for today!!   Love ETH

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