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Posted by Dysfunctional Jefferson Fundamentalist on 01/06/02 - 13:13:38
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PAUL: Hey, Jorma. You wanna come play in the family sandbox?

JORMA: Nah, I'm happy with just me and Jack in my sandbox.

PAUL: Well, can I come and play in your Fur Peace sandbox.

JORMA: No, I let you do that a few years back and then you made me and Jack go back to the family sandbox - but you had everybody else there too. So there wasn't any room for me and Jack to play anymore.

PAUL: Well, you keep getting that spotty geek Bill to tell me I can't have the family sandbox. He keeps trying to take it away from me.

PETE:I'm not sure if Jorma will let me play in his sandbox anymore.

MICKEY: My plastic sandbox cracked up and now nobody wants me to play in their sandbox.

GRACE: Either go away or go all the way in.

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