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Posted by Allosaurus on 01/06/02 - 01:33:06
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Yep, tomorrow it's back to my twin worlds of snotty 15-year olds with attitude and deluded chief executives who think everybody else has to change but them.

But, being ill over Xmas and having a shitty time of it - not quite Melissa-level ill, though, I don't think - it has been fun posting on this board the past fortnight.

My in-tray is piled high and my e-mail full of correspondence I haven't answered - and my office floor is full of kids' books I haven't marked.

But I got to have fun on A-Deck. Goading Michael turned into a real Allo-Stego game - which he plays well!

Gosh, I even provoked PK into saying I was "full of shit"!

And I got to interrupt Melissa and Christo's online fantasy!

Only Eth spotted that it was all a wind-up! (If at times a genuinely-passionate wind-up.) Well done, Eth!

And, to Michael - who I think at times suspected the wind-up - thank you for coming back after the Ron Rainey fiasco and getting things going again.

Now, just get the bloody CDs released in the UK - and, oh, yeah, some gigs here, please.

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