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Posted by Righteous Fundamentalist on 01/06/02 - 01:17:38
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Hang on, let's get one fact straight: I didn't say all those things to the press or make those e-mail posts.

Our heroes did!

Personally, I don't find it sordid at all - Paul's allegations about Aynsley Dunbar excepted - I find our "mental spastics" quite amusing.

The "point" is that they choose to keep some things secret yet sometimes say the most appalling things about each other in public. So, to say one week: "Oh, we can't talk about this in public, it's private" - and then the next week to be revealing another Airshipper's serious health problems, etc, is kind of hypocritical, don't you think? Definitely having your cake and eating it!

What fascinates me is how they have made such wonderful and at times transcendent music in spite of all the bitching and fighting.

Of course, there is the argument that all the bitching and fighting has actually been a key element in the incredibly-creative mix!

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