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Posted by C B Rollins on 01/05/02 - 22:57:07
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In fact, Peter Stamfel & Steve Weber are alive and well- in fact, up in Portland Oregon there's an HMR/Michael Hurley shindig this weekend(5 Jan '02). There's a Yahoo groups newsroom/list called have_moicy that has an on going discussion of all things rounder. Some HMR things are re issued on cd (as are some Fugs things) and some HMR fans have taken to burning copies of their unavailible material (burn in hell, sinners!) In any case, Stamfel is a book editor in NYC and Weber is a disreputible folk musician in Bucks County PA these days.Some of the other rounders guys are ,alas, dead, but Sam Shepherd, Dave Reisch and Robin Remailly are currently intact. Rumor has it that Stamfel is preparing his memoirs, and Dave Reisch has posted some reminicences at his site which I don't recall the address at the moment, but is probably connected to his band 'The Freak Mountain Ramblers'...

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