Grape's Hypocrisy

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/05/02 - 20:53:35
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I am not a mean person.  When I take a stand on a position I stand my ground.  

Grape deserves an [extremely] sever public castigation for her animal rights activities.  It was back in 90 or 91 when the homeless problem was really out of control in San Francisco.  She didn't do or say anything.  She appeared on the news (print & TV) in San Mateo touting the virtues of San Mateo County's spay and neuter law.  She performed at an animal rights rally that was a few hundred feet away from people living in boxes and tents by City Hall.  Lets deal with nice cute little animals and not talk about the dirty realities of the real world like disease, famine, and the homeless problem.  Its OK for human to suffer but not the cute little animals. Typical marinate treehugger mentality.  

I didn't see or hear about her raising one damn penny for the homeless people back in the early 90's. San Francisco was a world class city and now its in question with the out-of-control free-for-all of misplaced causes.  Oh but she will donate a painting to raise money for the September 11 Fund.  How trendy of her when all of the Southern California entertainment industry was on that bandwagon.  I really couldn't care how many checks she writes for charity.  She has made her position well known that her cause is animal rights.  When she drops her animal rights interest and takes an [active] interest in alleviating the suffering of humanity.  Then I'll reconsider my harsh position on her activities.  

Big deal, she overheard someone who needed help with a substance abuse problem.  There are a lot of people like that who have overcome that beast and try to help others in that same situation (although its something that stays with you for life).  I'm not impressed because many people in AA do the same thing.  What makes her willing to talk to someone so different and benevolent?  Is it because of her former has-been superstar celebrity status?

As for her art work.  She can create and hustle it to anyone who wants to buy it.  Personally of all the art work I have seen by prominent musicians and being sold in galleries, only Ron Wood and Jerry Garcia's art impresses me.  My personal observation is that the people who shell out the money for a lot of this art are only buying it because of the artist in question "celebrity status" and not because of its merits as works of art.  

Now I am going to have a glass of wine myself ...    

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