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Posted by Donna (Yukiah) on 01/05/02 - 18:32:38
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Quite lovely & thank you Cricket! I'm asking J if our afternoon plans tomorrow can include another visit to the Timber Wolf Preservation Society. It's the one I told you about on the phone. You have Rudulphus, I would like to send you a set of the entire pack. Now don't you worry, it won't hurt me a bit--they're inexpensive, so no written warnings about the brig, ya hear?

Am in sound heaven listening to clean PERRO (I bow down to sister Liz for sending this)! As I write, I'm sharing this with my neighborhood--can be cranked to the max!!! Thank goddess for Paul & Grace and every musician who put this together. AND--fuck fear in 2002!... and all alleged dirty secrets from whoever. I just love the music.

Donna (Yukiah)

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