Grace's generosity

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Posted by Cricket on 01/05/02 - 17:11:36
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I agree with you, Eth.

Kevin, are you having a very, very bad day -- or is this some sort of back & forth you're getting going with Keith?  You can be a lot more level-headed & kind than what's spilling out this morning!

As I recall, it was just a few weeks ago that our own Goombah won the auction of one of Grace's paintings that she'd donated to raise funds for the families of firefighters & police in New York.  That was a couple of months after her appearance onstage to help raise money.  I write checks, sure -- but giving a lot of time when you're busy, or art that you've put hours into creating & that you could sell -- that, I think, is a few steps beyond ordinary giving.

During the years I lived in Mill Valley, I'd regularly hear stories about Grace extending herself to others.  Here's just one:  She was getting her hair done & overheard the shop owner (a friend of mine) & one of the staff talking about a colleague, D, who'd been getting into more & more trouble with alcohol, & who'd started no-showing for work & making rambling calls to W (owner) late at night.  Grace found a piece of paper, wrote her phone number on it, & gave it to W, saying:  "Tell D to call me."  How many of us would do that?

When I hear about her support for animal rights, I never think that it's in lieu of concern for people.  On the contrary, it seems to me an extension (in her characteristically individualistic way) of a reflexively generous heart.  

Did you mind the song "Bear Melt"?

OK, enough.
I believe you've gotten so many 2-cent-pieces from me over the past couple days, you oughtta now have a dime.  Spend it on something PLEASANT, will ya?  Or buy me a donut...


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