Golly--your MEAN today, Kev.!

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Posted by Ethereal on 01/05/02 - 16:18:08
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Kevin---Your SO MEAN to Gracie.

You just think if you egg her on--she'll come out and sing for you!  And I don't think you REALLY
know what goes on in Grace's activities.  You just assume you do.  I have a feeling she probably dos a lot of good for a lot of people.
Just a guess. Well, I'll make my assumptions---you make yours.

And I would say anyone has a right to make and sell any kind of art they want.  If someone likes
or, even buys it for another reason, so what?

Dealing with one's OWN reality is the first order of business.  Noone escapes that.  There's enough pain there to last a lifetime. Glory be to the folks who have shred of power left over to attack the multitudinous, larger issues.

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