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Posted by Ron S on 01/05/02 - 14:52:40
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You must see the bigger picture here, I feel you are speaking in generalizations. Perhaps intentionally. The song we were speaking of is just one in an artist's very large body of work. You speak of "wars being waged..." Obviously,to anyone who has listened, Country Joe has written extensively and eloquently on the atrocities of war, on Vietnam veterans, on women's rights, and many more issues. This body of work hardly bespeaks of someone whom you would classify as "not have(ing)the inner strength to deal with the cruel reality that life is sometimes ugly."

As in:
"Let me tell you a story
About Coulene Anne
She could fire a .38
Straight as anyone can
Jimmy B her husband
He used to punch her around
He'd go out every night drinking
And running all over town
She put the kids to bed one night
She loaded up her gun
Sat down in her favorite chair
To wait for Jimmy to come..."

You don't need to own the album to know how that song ends.

Not exactly written by someone who doesn't know that "life is sometimes ugly", just because he also wrote "Blood On The Ice" and "Save The Whales".

HOWEVER-I will agree with you that there are a certain Hollywood "day tripper" type of people that simply use animal rights as a "cause celeb".(And next week they will use something else).
There are certain people that even fit the profile of what you have described, who are misguided in their priorities in this matter. I have known some of them.

I don't particularly think Joe McDonald or Grace Slick are among them.

Ron S

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