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Posted by Kevin R Schmidt on 01/05/02 - 14:34:08
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You are absolutely wrong!  Human conditions take precedent over the conditions of animals such as pets, farm animals, and lab animals.  Playing a little game on words to assert issues are interrelated is to circumvent the issue.  That word game isn't going to work with me.  

We need animals to conduct laboratory test for new drugs being developed, product testing, and general research. We need animals for food and clothing.  And yes, wearing fur is practical in cold weather.  If you believe animal rights is directly related to improving human conditions.  Then you bought into the great lie of the misguided animal rights movement.  

There are people homeless, children starving, wars being fought, and people dying unnecessarily from famine and disease.  When those issues are addressed and eradicated from our planet.  Only then may the issue of animal rights be addressed and not before then.  Its that simple and animal rights activist better get with the program because I have zero tolerance for their inferior and defective views.    

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