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Posted by christo on 01/05/02 - 14:21:17
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Hi Kevin
I didn't realise that if you were pro animal rights then it excluded you from being pro human rights.
I think they can do any caring they choose (and I'm not even very fond of animals myself it must be said ;-)  )  
I just think being caring for anything less able to help itself is a good thing myself.

If you really wanted a quick end to animal rights activists then your wrath would be best directed to those causing needless suffering to animals then there would be no animal rights protesters. QED.

I understand your point about human suffering but I think its an oversimplified view that one can deal with humans first then animals.  Or any cause first - then another. One could easily also argue "planet first - then humans".
The world aint black & white to quote Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil there are "Only shades of Grey" as Mr Tork sang so sweetly.

To some up...
1. Blood on the Ice is a good song - leastways I like it which makes it a good song to me. I don't even have any axes to grind about seals (err...coulda chosen a better choice of words :-))
2. Wherever injustice is felt by anyone, let them be free to express it - be it injustice to planets, races, animals, hobbits, vegetables whatever. I doubt any of these causes will be ever completely sorted anyhow before we can move on to a less important one.
3. NCWSBE - nameley - Never clean a window with a soft boiled egg - this isn't relevant here but it is also true
4. love and peace always
5. its a small world after all
6. and sixthly...
7. kindness is never wasted. wrath often is. - I made that one up just now but it sounds good.
8. never take anything I say seriously, unless I'm not being serious. And vice versa.

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