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Posted by KEVIN R SCHMIDT on 01/05/02 - 13:13:55
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Any song that deals with animal rights is [not] a good song!  There are people dying of disease, children starving, and wars being waged.  How misguided people with no sense of priorities take such an interest in a such an unimportant issue is beyond comprehension.  There is no excuse for anyone to justify animal rights when there are humans suffering and dying everyday in this world.  

Grape Slick, Chrisy Hyde, Paul & the late Linda McCartney, PETA, and many of Hollywood's most popular performers champion this perverse cause of animal rights because they do not have the inner strength to deal with the cruel reality that life is sometimes ugly.  Its easier for them to deal with nice cute little animals because they can live their privileged lives in a constant state of denial.

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