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Posted by Fundamenalist with a Stinger Missile on 01/05/02 - 13:03:08
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MOST of the members of this band(s?) have been slugging it out in the Jefferson Sandbox - wonderful analogy! - for the best part of 35 years.

(Me, I reckon they originally had it in the Thompson-Balin-Casady apartment and then moved it to 2400 in 68. Since 85 it's probably been at Paul's - although I hear tell Jorma's got a duplicate up at Fur Peace. Peace?!?)

What's more these little children - remember Bill Graham referred to them infamously as "mental spastics"! - holler so  loud when they fight that all the neighbours come to see what the hell is going on!

Kantner has been one of the worst protagonists.
*Jorma's been a bad bastard for him since 74.
*Jack was a bad bastard too until Jorma shat on him from a great height in 78 - so then Jack could be rehabilitated - although he's now back to being a bad bastard!
*David Freiberg was such a bad bastard in 84 that Paul's barely spoken to him since - and that's a real shame considering what true friends they were for so many years!
*Mickey and Craig, of course, have been bad bastards since 84
*Thompson's been a bad bastard since 92
Curiously, Paul's never dissed on either Marty or Grace. (Or not that I know of,anyway!)

However, Marty described the Airplane as "a sick bunch of people" and decided he would leave "and watch them die". NOTORIOUSLY he told CRAWDADDY: "Fuck Grace Slick? I wouldn't let Grace Slick blow me!"

Grace responded by telling MELODY MAKER: "Marty can be a real asshole!"

In 85 Grace described Marty (70 and 78), herself (79) and Paul (84) as "flat tyres". She also predicted commercial oblivion for Paul...

Jorma has treated Paul as bad bastardly as Paul has treated him - particularly encouraging journalists in the 80s to believe Kantner was an arena rock sell-out.

In 70 Joey Covington told anyone who would listen - well, FRIENDZ actually! - that he didn't like the Airplane very much at all - the band he'd just joined! Ditto: Aynsley Dunbar in 79. He said the Starship were wimps.

Marty called "EARTH" "Mill Valley wimp rock" and described the Starship as the "Jefferson Wheelchair".

Paul dissed Jack and Jorma to ROLLING STONE in 75 for telling Marty "your songs sure are shit" in 67.

Casady has hinted that Paul is an alcoholic. Paul has said that Jorma has been both an alcoholic and a heroin addict.

Peter Kaukonen has described Joey Covington's brain as "static".

Even the normally-reticent Pete Sears dissed Marty to ROLLING STONE in 78!

In 92 Marty told RECORD COLLECTOR that Paul Kantner "doesn't write hit singles" and said he had protested about "Planes" being released as a single.

In 75 he complained to anyone who would listen - a lot of people at the time! - that Grace's Arabian wailing destroyed songs.

Oh, it goes on and on...this Jefferson Soap Opera!

Wonderful stuff! And now we the A-Deckers get to join in, too. Hi, Steggie!

If you beat each other up in public with dirty underwear, don't be surprised if people come to view the spectacle and find out what's going on.

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