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Posted by christo on 01/05/02 - 10:15:13
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Hi Melissa
Get well soon
Healing virtual hug sent to you from your Cosmic Uncle Christo from outer space...
Warming listening - its all a matter of taste but I'd say some Flora Purim & Airto with their Fourth World band - or without - ya gotta like latin and jazzy. Thier latest one Last Journey is fab.

Maybe some cosmic era Santana would do as a substitute - actually Flora & Airto sang with Santana on a coupla albums... - again ya gotta like latin - Caravanserai, Borbaoletta, Welcome are 3 faves of mine.

Anyhow - wrap up warm - cut out dairy products (cuts a cold time in half - slightly sweentned soya milk is great with cereal once ya get used to it - much cleaner tasting.) and lots of soups and fluids, OK?
Power to you

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