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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/05/02 - 07:07:36
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One thing I have learned about the Jefferson Dysfunctional Family over the years is that there is an unspoken understanding between everyone in the band and its inner circle that something's will not be talked about in public.  The mentality is sort of like being in the Mafia, once your in, your in for life.  However the Mafia will turn you into fish food for breaking silence.  Occasionally someone in the Jefferson's will break silence and say something that resurrects old war wounds.  So the contract hit by the Jefferson's will be denials, contradictions, and public castigation's.

Over the years many books have been written about bands that have been authorized by the band.  Equally there have been just as many books written that are not authorized by the bands.  What I find to be the major distinction between authorize and unauthorized biographies is that the authorized biography is how the band [wants] to be remembered verses the [actual] truth about the band.  

I've known about Jeff Tamarkin's book project for at least two years.  And I've been reading Jeff's writing for at least twenty years.  Jeff Tamarkin has a unique challenge.  I believe he will write a good and balanced book about the Jefferson's.  He has access to band and their inner circle.  The challenge he will encounter will come from sifting through all the information and trying to figure out what really happened and how he may be manipulated by a particular individual so [they] will be remembered in the way [they] want the story told.  Individuals know that certain unsavory facts will be written about them and its only natural that [they] will want to be cast in the best light possible.  Sometimes years have passed and old war wounds resurface and a particular individual will want to reveal something that may be hurtful someone else or their family.  So that person may reveal a secret or over exaggerate a situation to be more inflammatory towards someone else as their form of revenge.  

I often tell people there are three sides to a story.  Your version of the truth, your opponent's version of the truth, and what really happened.  

One other observation is in order.  Two different people can have the same set of facts and still reach opposite conclusions.  And that is when heated academic discussion and debate takes place.

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