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Posted by Don Aters on 01/04/02 - 23:35:51
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This stuff is critically acclaimed but he's just a God on mandolin, bass, guitar, whatever and he writes and sings, quite well actually.
The desert Rose Band material is more pop than country but he played with Gram Parsons for a long time.  he also was ill last year but surfaced to do several "bluegrass" festivals with Emmylou.
You will find him quite the fascinating writer and singer.  i knew Michael Clarke for a long time and we were friends for years until he drank himself to death.
I've met most everyone i wanted to in my life and some I didn't want to but when i was a kid, always wanted to meet Hillman and hug Grtace Slick.  i may get the Grace thing accomplished on the 19th in Sausalito and working on the Hillman thing.
We shall see, it's the little victories.
By the way, TC is a Prince and I will find his EM address.
 Much like Casady, his name is often butchered so i thought i would submit the correction

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