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Posted by Ethel on 01/04/02 - 20:34:35
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I NEVER wanted to go into Bluegrass that much..
but now I DO. Better LIVE than for listening.

I guess the concept of jamming improves ANYTHING.
Thank you jazz and Dead, and anyone else.

I don't enjoy opera--even though I studied voice throughout high school, and sang and enjoyed many arias. I try to remain open--and have a few friends that drag us to a symphony and an opera here and there.  We do love to go with them---but it's a challenge. WE DID LOVE the 'classical' violinist, Kennedy--he's a trip.........WOW.

Stivell  ok........ I do take notes

If it doesn't have sponteneity, or passion,
it's hard to relate to--and they are linked. IMHO

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