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Posted by Stegosaurus on 01/04/02 - 19:54:07
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... one of literary science fiction's two most prestigious (the other being The Nebula) ... for which BATE was nominated ... the first musical recording to have ever been so honored.  So much for the critics.

Prior to Bill Graham's death, the impresario had agreed to assemble the original 'cast' for BATE's 20th Anniversary ... for 2 performances inc. a pay-per-view & CD release.  Grace, Jerry, Hart, Crosby, Nash had all agreed & Bill was finalizing the deal the week he was killed.  There was a neat script created for the show, which was also to feature state of the art effects.  There are plans to make the script available for purchase.  It should be noted that this preceded the avalanche of the web by a very short period of time.  Though it's a bit late for the 30th Anniversary - the current state of technologies offers intriguing possibilities for a BATE-PERRO show as has been suggested elsewhere on the board.

As regards 'origins' - Paul was quoted in Rolling Stone as describing JS as (paraphrasing) ...
" ... a loose coalition of muscians who would get together from time to time."  This was the template for the Phil & Friends type ensemble, annotated in Mission Control's 'Modular Band Theory.'  Those interested can read MBT by loging on at  But clearly, it was Paul's unique sci-fi vision ... congealed by repeated black & white television viewings of the 1950s 80 minute gem "Rocket Ship XM" (hence the instrumental song title on BATE) & George Pal's seminal "When World's Collide" & "War Of The Worlds."  This once & for all sets to rest any notion that JS wasn't Paul's own creation.  It absolutely was.  Indeed, the luminous performances by many stellar musicians were a hallmark of BATE ... & this paragigm has continued through every line-up Paul has assembled.

As for the principles of democracy you refer to, in Paul's egalitarian approach to the creative process for JS's prior incarnations - Paul is to be admired.  However, my observation is that democracy works best in large numbers.  It fails in small numbers ... i.e. there can be no true democracy in a platoon ... a baseball team ... on the space shuttle ... in a rock band.  That's is why most bands (& rogue states for that matter) break up ... too many peole want the pole position.  Let's not kid ourselves ... Pete ran (runs) The Who ... Jerry ran The Dead.  Quorum's are terrific ... but only one person can make the tough decisions ... & while Paul is extremely generous with allowing the creative flow ... to ... er ... flow - he has 'final cut,' just like Spoeilberg, Lucas & James Cameron.  There has to be a hierarchy of leadership.  This is the principle reason (in my opinion) that JS has successfully continued for 10 years ... & performed more shows than JA & early JS combined.  Sidebar:  We're working on a complete Galactic History as we speak ... 'Airbase' ... 'Starbase' a la 'Deadbase' perhaps?

My favorite 3 recordings (& that's a tough one) are BATE through "Manhole" - the proto JS period.
But my favorite live era is NOW.  I know that sounds like the party line of an apparatchik - but anyone who saw "Alexander The Medium," "Epic #38" or the "All Along The Watchtower" quote in the middle of "All Fly Away" (the last number of 2001)
knows exactly why I feel this way.

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