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Posted by Ethereal on 01/04/02 - 19:43:33
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Papers nearly done.

I am noticing that the JS is a distinct taste,
a commonality, that this board truly shares.
I am also noticing that musical passions OUTSIDE of JS, seem to be different for every person on the board. Don's recognition that we contain a bunch of Rainbow Warriors here is TRUE.  But that is far from the whole story.

I think it's kind of fascinating that folks of so many different persuasions agree on one thing,
their appreciation of THIS band, in whatever form.

Well, there's a whole thing around Irish music
with rock jamming--that's also total FUN---for them that's interested.  That would be Tempest, Seven Nations, Clandestine, and I'm sure many, many others I don't know about.   Christo???

It's similar to taking Bluegrass OUT THERE.....

I'm sure "Irish" is too narrow a term.  Do you know what I mean?     Eth

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