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Posted by Eth on 01/04/02 - 17:33:44
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Well, Greg Anton is the drummer and I can give the names of the other players and they may or may not be familiar--but it's a rich and soaring lead guitar by Futoshi Morioka (oh my), Chip Roland piano, Chris Wilson:base, Martin ferreor:tenor sax

And last -but in no way least Mari Tamburo--a REAL straight ahead singer, very strong and natural, AND she participates in the song writing,
as apparently ALL the members do.  HUNTER wrote a most gorgeous song for the CD with Anton called "I WILL LOVE YOU" and Mari really puts it across.

On the liner notes is some very worthwhile music philosphy by Sufi Inayat Khan

Cover art by Chris Wilson-the bass player.

SO  very talented, diverse, thoughtful bunch!!
Very Original--no dead covers other than some quotes, but influenced in the quality of the jam, I would say.

I think I'll put it on to accomany my paper grading.

PS there's nothing Retro about this band, at least to me.  But you ARE speaking to a couple that followed the Dead through all incarnations.
So that considered........

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