Grace Slick Meets Tina Turner!! WOW!

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Posted by Prehistoric Fundamentalist on 01/04/02 - 15:44:51
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That's what I thought when I first heard "DS/VS" "Women Who Fly" - especially when Darby slips up that extra gear someone talks about on A-deck  and which nobody knew previously even existed in the human voice.

A truly remarkable and extraordinary performance by a remarkable singer.

Also worthy of mention is Gorman's keyboard solo -it's so good it very briefly put Tim in mind as my ideal Airship keyboard player over Sears. (But only very briefly!) I reckon Darby just strangling her voice like that and squeezing the audience to musical orgasm and back must have inspired Tim to do the same to his keys.

After the mediocrity of the Airplane reunion and then hearing a live tape of Wooden Ships that was just a totally-different wonderful world, I thought acoustic small club intimacy was the way to go.

Then I heard "DS/VS". WOW! (Indeed!)

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