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Posted by Stevie D on 01/04/02 - 13:41:53
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Found this on a music website:

Skin Diver (1989) | Return to Music
*** Three Stars

Now this is Nonaís biggest departure ever. I didnít know what to make of Skin Diver when it came out. Itís very New Age and has some great moments on it, but Iím just not big on New Age for some reason. The incredible single "Women Who Fly" soars (get it? SoarsÖnever mind), and they played that song to death on MOR stations here in Austin (It was later covered by Jefferson Starship). The music from "SkinDiver" formed the score for the documentary "THRU THE WIRE" (the song of the same name is a standout) and Ulysses Dove chose "Off The Coast of Love" for the Scapino Dutch Ballet Company.


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