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Posted by christo on 01/04/02 - 10:08:10
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I am a delicate naiive creature, but I have always interpreted the lyrics in ways befitting a gentleman...

I give examples

>>Hey, aren't we fans of a woman that wrote:-

"Either go away or go all the way in"

**I always took this to refer to entering a room

>>"Back door key don't mean nothing nothing to me...I'll come in the front door long as it's open/Long as we can find a little fresh milk that's loose"

**Again I took this to mean doors to a house with milk on the doorstep that hasn't been taken in yet.

>>"You can't cock yourself, woman/You need a man...Man's only got one finger/He doesn't need any more...Seven inches of pleasure/Seven inches going home"

**I took this to mean cocking as of a gun.
The seven inches I thought was the diameter of the human mind - a mind thinking of home - I can't imaginge any other interpretation ;-)

>>and a gentleman who wrote:

>>"I had a taste of the real world/When I went down on you

**I think of this as - when I told you off you got a taste of reality

>>You never stopped me...You rippled like a river when I touched you/I'll pluck your body's strings/I'll show you what I mean now/When I start dancing inside you"

**He is singing to and about his guitar and dancing to the music

Honestly I blame that Freud for such smutty interpretations of such innocent song lyrics!!!

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