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Posted by scot on 01/04/02 - 09:12:33
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If you look back at other official releases
by Jefferson Starship in the past decade...
(Deep Space/Virgin Sky, Windows Of Heaven)
Grace is involved in both projects.
I just think she has a good relationship
with Paul and she wants to support the revived
Jefferson Starship as she has done for the
past 10 years. Maybe she just can't get it
out of her blood no matter how nice she has
it now in Malibu with her art and Gypsy Kings
music. She performed live for the "Deep Space"
cd and went into the studio with Paul for
"Windows Of Heaven". Hopefully we'll see more
of her "semi retirement" in the future. If her
voice just couldn't quite hit the mark anymore
I could understand...but she still sounds in-

Sorry for the rambling...but with Grace, I can
go on for awhile.

Peace ;)

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