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Posted by Liz on 01/04/02 - 09:05:46
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OK OK  the Primavera is one of Botticelli's secular paintings
commissioned by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco to hang in his bedroom

maybe not "down, dirty & vulgar"
(but then again who knows what he did in the privacy of his own room)

but perhaps x-rated and risque.....

regarding the ladies of the a-deck,
who appear to be caught in an interesting conversation -
I suspect Cricket is correct, requests MAY be shunned (or NOT)

I find myself remembering a morning in Dublin (many years ago):
I was leaving our flat, and an old woman was hanging out her windows
yelling quite loudly -  you whore, you bloody whore!!!!  
Which I though was quite amusing, since I wasn't "doing it" with the guys I was living with...

Sometimes you just can't win....


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