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Posted by Don Aters on 01/04/02 - 01:23:46
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From your perspective, you're correct.  One of "rock's" greatest travesties is the unofficial coronation of Joplin as the first great lady in the genre.  Taht's rubbish.  The first Queen of "Rock n Roll" is and will always be, grace Slick.  First major contract by one of the bands of the bay area, first to have a self-penned tune reach number #1, certainly the most visual presence of the day and perhaps of all time and very charismatic.
The downside in terms of sensationalism is that she didn't OD.  It's America, if you die and have had any success, you are now an icon of the industry.
Joplin was a great singer but only for cerrtain songs and not much of an octave range.  
As for PK and the current selection, i.e., Diana....there is not a more difficult teask than tryiong to live in the sdhadow of any cult figure, dead or alive.  Diana is not grace Slick, nor does she need to be.  She is as visual, alluring and dynamic as grace and although different in terms of vocal qualities, she wasn't auditioned for the band and hired due to lack of interest.
She is the best person suited for todays incarnation of jS and she is as good as it gets in 2002.
I have always been the huge fan of grace but she isn't interested in the gig so, "Onward and upward".

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