musicians with surly attitudes

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/03/02 - 18:25:07
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Here's an interesting story which should allow you to contemplate on attitudes of musicians.  In Louisville, Kentucky there is a venue called "The Palace", seats about 3000 and a truly wonderful complex.
The walls are lined with images that i took over ap eriod of years, some old in the VIP and others that are new of bandfs that played since it openex in 1995 or so.
A return visit by CSN was going to sell out and i was there for sound check.
Stills and Crosby asked if i could come back earlier than planned to take new images with available light and replace those on the wall.
Actually, i liked the ones on the wall but asked what the malady was.
Crosby was very quiet but Stills stated that they looked fat and drunk..............."hello".
I pondered for a bit and responded with, "Look, the image is very good, it's 1997 and not 1969 so............"  Stills responded with, waht about that look?"  I couldn't think of anything but, "I just take the images, i don't do miracles".  How the fck could I make David Crosby look like a jenny Craig commercial?  Even with a transplant, he is a symbol of The Betty Ford Clinic and Stills has as much chance of being a pretty boy as i do making dinner for Hoffa.
I've always liked CSN but, excluding Nash, the are a far cry from the prototypical rock stars.
Nash has managed to be the buffer and allow them to sustain a thirty year existence and make a bundle of money, yet he hardly reaps the benefits from his efforts.
geez, he could have made The hall of Fame with The Hollies but gave up the pop format for the band.

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