Once a prick, always a prick!!!

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Posted by Paul S. on 01/03/02 - 15:54:42
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Whenever you meet one of your rock and rollers you run the risk of finding out what they are REALLY like, or that they are not what you thought they were. As a musician myself, I know that when I come off a stage from playing my ass off I'm a spaceshot. I am not myself so to speak and not all there. So I can understand that not everybody is ready to come off stage and have a huge conversation about "themselves". BUT, theres nothing worse than a great musician who thinks they are the cats ass and don't give a fuck about their fans. I have a pretty good collection of drumsticks from some of my favorite drummers. I asked Jaimoe of the Allman Brothers band for a stick. He was standing on the stage about 5 ft. away and just gave me this look like I just told him fuck off or something. Since then I don't think much of him.MMW's drummer same thing."If I had to give away a drumstick everytime someone asked..." not even a broken one!!What a dick!! I've been asked for a stick a few times and I wouldn't think of saying no. And when you pay for them, like me, that cost money...SO WHAT!! Have a fuckin' heart!!!For the record, I have heard stories about Mickey Hart and fans. I more or less stalked him outside his hotel in Boston one morning in early '90. I was still at that age I guess that I needed to tell him he was my drum hero and how great he was. He was very nice to me and had a smile ear to ear. Maybe I stroked his ego just right, I don't know. Everbody is an asshole sometime to somebody, but when it's your favorite rock icon, well, once a prick, always a prick.

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