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Posted by Mission Control on 01/03/02 - 15:01:48
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... of the jugular.  It's much more efficient that way.  All in good humor Keith, because of your long standing devotion to the music - corresponding with you is like watching "Walking With Dinosaurs" on Discovery Channel.  You're like an Allosaurus - not as predatory s cousin Tyrannosaurus - more oportunistic.  As when I show my 'soft white underbelly' by being rude to Scot - for which I apologized ... though someone famous once told me, "Never apologize for anything you do!" - you're given your open door to opounce on me.

If you're an Allosaurus then you've made the error of confronting a Stegosaurus (ME!) cause the spiked, boney tail of truth will clobber you EVERY time.  In 1995, when JS played The Bottom Line in London - on a record hot Summer's night (we had previouisly played The Langelaands Festival in Denmark with the temp hitting 100F - & no AC!), there was NO press interest whatsoever, except for Steve Rowland & 'Holding Together.'  You are either misinformed or lying when you state PK turned down interviews.  The joke is, he NEVER misses an interview - at least not since I've been around & that's ten years.  As far as the 'Burton-Taylor' analogy ... I believe that was complimentary of Grace & Paul as rock royalty with PERSONALITY.  After all, as beloved as I am of all things on your islands, the British press is famous for covering, promoting & inciting bad behavior - even in kind & elegant people, (i.e. your own Princess Diana).  I've spent a good deal of time across the pond & the antics of Posh Spice & her footballer husband get the same coverage there as 911 got in The New York Times.  Sadly, despite your generous contributions of literature & music, your press is the very definition of yellow journalism.

I'll tell you a short little story:  In April 1974 (now long ago), my best friend's dad worked for RCA & took us to see the inaugural JS tour @ NY's Academy of Music with GRUNT-mate Jack Traylor & Steelwind opening.  I was a mere college student, but backstage after the show, despite throngs of well-wishers, I got a chance to say hello - & a moment to tell Paul & Grace what a big fan I was of them AND science fiction.  Paul asked what I had read & vice versa.  He excused himself & shortly returned with a t-shirt which has long evaporated from too many dips in the washing machine, & his best wishes.  I never forgot that.  It was one of those things that encouraged my future work.

One must remember that actors, athletes & musicians also have jobs to do.  Julia Roberts gets paid well, but she does all press junkets in Istanbul & the other stuff required to sell her movies.  I'm certain that after the first few years she's rather stay at home like the rest of us.  The more 'famous' one is - the more put upon & beset by well-meaning, sometimes energy draining individuals.  PK is the only JA/JS member to understand what a kind word can mean to a young fan ... that is why he makes us wait, sometimes hours, until everyone seeking a word or autograph) is sated.

As for me Keith, I'm just an arsehole from New York.

PS:  Hey - I booked the first & only Richard & Linda Thompson tour of America (Spring 1982).  As Mel Allen would say: "How 'bout that!"

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