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Posted by Terry on 01/03/02 - 14:45:55
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I just want to say thanks to Paul for even suggesting new (and re-worked) tunes for this year's shows. For the past two years we've seen the band revive a vast array of classics.  JS is clearly working extremely hard at ironing out these arrangements, rehearsing, memorizing lyrics (or using cheat sheets, as needed...)

Paul, you really DON'T have to do more to make this fan happy.  You've done more in just 2000 and 2001 for the die hard PK/JA/JS fans than we could possibly ask for.

And of course, your demanding public continues to ask for more....

As long you're enjoying it, bring it on!  Silver Spoon and PERRO tunes?  New songs?  Yep, I'll be there listening.

By the way, thanks not only for Alexander the Medium and Epic #38 this past Fall--but the very rarely performed "Windows of Heaven" was a real treat, as were the folk tunes at Falls Church.

Happy New Year,

Terry in Virginia

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